Dallas Cosmas- Alpha Beta Gamma

I’ve long held the view that art, and especially music, is one of the greatest gifts in life. It gives we mere humans the chance to delve into and explore some of the complex questions of life and the universe. Melbourne based musician, Dallas Cosmas has this gift, which he has shared with all of us, and that is something we should be thankful for. I recently caught up with Dallas and we talked about his new album, music and art in general. He is an interesting man, which comes across in his music.

Following the death of his father, Dallas took himself away to process what happened and come to terms with it. As a part of that experience he wrote, the result of which is his outstanding new album Alpha Beta Gamma. His aim was not to get bogged down in the doldrums, dragging us all with him. He acknowledges that his experience of loosing a parent is far from unique, but that is the beauty of music, it allows us to connect through the universality of such life events. This album, I think does that. It is deep and contemplative; you know instinctively that this is personal. However, he manages to avoid entirely being maudlin, morbid or melancholy. If anything, there is a kind of life affirming joy throughout the whole thing.

The use of a gospel choir in most of the tracks is a master stroke. It makes the sound grounded, earthy and intimate while at the same time lifting the whole thing up into the cosmos. This was something that apparently the universe conspired to bring about too. Shortly after writing the songs for the album, he was still deciding what to do with them. It was while going to see a gospel choir performing in a church, somewhere in Melbourne, that it became clear that was what his songs needed. Once the decision was made, making it happen came down to mere details. The combination of the idea, plus the magic of this city, which has a way of providing the people you need when you need them, meant that a truly great album was on the way.

As you can probably tell I’m in love with this album. It’s full of contrasts, which I love. It’s simple but has a complexity that reveals itself with each listen. There is a cohesiveness to it that comes from Dallas bringing together a group of co-conspirators to work on it, but at its core it is personal and a singular vision. It’s about the big life events, but its small and intimate.

Alpha Beta Gamma is out now, and available in all the usual places. Give it a listen.

Review- UON (Urgency of Now)- Exit

I recently had the great pleasure of meeting up with Simon Segal of UON for a chat. It was a typical gorgeous, warm, autumnal Sunday afternoon in Melbourne. Over coffee and pasta at the iconic Tiamo in Lygon St we talked about his new music project UON and their first single; about his life in music and about the way the music scene in Melbourne has changed so much, and not all for the better.

So who are UON? According to Segal, UON is the product of a group of friends coming together because of a shared joy in playing music. They are Susan Hume(vocals), Belinda Cohen (drums), Simon Segal (synthesizers and production and engineering), Dallas Cosmas (bass & guitars) , Paul Healy (grand piano), MIlton Nomikoudis (vocal wrangling), and Wayne Reynolds (technical wrangling). Each with their own talents and with varied backgrounds and experience this group of artists formed not so much a ‘band as such’ but more of a collective of like minded souls. The benefits of such an approach are obvious as soon as you listen to their first single “Exit”.

They are the latest project to come out of the Prototype Musique stable. For those unfamiliar with their work they are an independent production label based in Melbourne.They are the brainchild of Dallas Cosmas (a talented musician in his own right)and they have produced some wonderfully adventurous and thought provoking artists and music in recent years. With over 25 years experience, Simon Segal is a long time friend and co-conspirator. He has worked as a producer on a significant portion of Cosmas’ back catalogue over many years. UON is just their latest creation.

Out Now on Spotify and most other digital platforms

“Exit” is an extraordinary piece of music. It is more like a sculpture made of sound than a song. Because people seem to rely on such things, if I had to name a genre I would go with electro-pop. But, to be completely honest this song defies any kind of label. It is that rare thing in music these days, it is unique.

This is not a work that has been put together with a particular audience or demographic in mind, it is simply a piece of art that has evolved and developed organically. It isn’t for everyone. It is not cookie cutter, paint by numbers music, so for those who like their music predictable and safe, I suggest you move on.

I have it on good authority that this is just the first salvo from UON with more to come over coming months including an album by the end of the year. Exciting news for lovers of great music. In the meantime keep an eye out for their first single “Exit” which will be available on 23 April 2019 on most of the usual platforms.

Review- Dandelion Charm “Stephanie”

Following on from their superb EP Riding the Flood, Dandelion Charm have returned with their new single “Stephanie”. As fans have come to expect the Dandies have delivered a song that is rich and textured.

“Stephanie” is sweet and light, but with a melancholy undertone. They paint pictures in the air with their breathtaking melodies and their engaging lyrics. This is a song that requires multiple listenings to fully appreciate it. There are layers here, as each layer is revealed it hints that there is yet more to discover.

For me the Dandelion Charm belong to the troubadour school. Their music has an old quality about it. It invokes the imagery of roadside taverns, villages fairs and a little bit of magic. It is poetry set to music. Bottom line they are a treasure and a treat to listen to.

“Stephanie” is already getting considerable airplay across the better indie stations and is bound to be a huge hit for them. It goes on sale on Saturday 6 April 2019.

Website: https://www.dandelioncharm.com/

Review- NY2LA- Raspin Stuwart

Review by Jacqueline Lademann

Regular followers of Indie Music will need no introduction to Raspin Stuwart. The guy is a class act and is a regular feature on the playlists of Indie radio stations across the globe. I first discovered his music on Canadian based internet station KB Radio where his dedicated band of fans ensure that his songs are rarely far from the top of the weekly charts, with good reason.

His long awaited album NY2LA is an absolute cracker. Smooth, intelligent and sexy, Stuwart has delivered an album that demonstrates what a talented and thoughtful artist he is.

Fans will be pleased to find much loved tracks on this album including King of Foolz, the toe tapping Reelin’, and the ever popular Smoke the Hookah. But it’s the new material that got my attention. The title track NY2LA is sublime. But, for me it’s Mama’s Got the Blues that made me swoon.

From go to whoa this album is the real deal. I recommend putting this on, pouring a glass of your favourite tipple and just savouring. You will not be disappointed…except for when it’s over.

To order your copy of NY2LA go to https://www.raspinstuwart.com/ .