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Hey folks!
Been missing me? Selections from my tower of shame has moved to a new ‘self-hosted’ site at
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According to the good folks at WordPress apparently there is no way for me to transfer your email subscriptions etc across to the new site, so you will need to sign up again once you get there. Look forward to seeing you.


I’ve been wanting to read a Steampunk book for a while now and I just don’t know where to start, It’s something I’ve always been interested in reading though. I have heard of a book called “The Difference Engine” by William Gibson and Bruce Sterling, apparently this is one of the most defining Steampunk books around but I have also read some really bad reviews about the book so I was undecided whether I was willing to spend the money on a book in an unknown genre by and unknown author.



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Literary Giveaway Blog Hop


Welcome to the Literary Giveaway Blog Hop!

The Literary Giveaway Blog Hop is hosted by me, Leeswammes. Between now and Wednesday, October 19th, you can hop to over 50 different book blogs, all offering one or more giveaways of books or bookish items. All books are literary (non)fiction or something close to that. Follow the links at the bottom of this post to find the other participating blogs.

My Giveaway

As part of the blog hop I will be giving away a paperback copy of this book: When God Was a Rabbit by Sarah Winman. The book has been gently read. The giveaway is open worldwide.

When God Was a Rabbit by Sarah WinmanWhen God Was a Rabbit by Sarah Winman

Description (from the publisher): “Spanning four decades, from 1968 onwards, this is the story of a fabulous but flawed family and the slew of ordinary and extraordinary incidents that shape their everyday lives…

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